Introducing Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Stories

For people who need good fiction and good theology—at the same time!

It turns out that podcasting is habit-forming.

To be honest, I’ve been surprised at how much podcasting has captivated me, equally as a listener and as a creator. I can’t remember being so taken with a medium since I was about five and realized that it was possible to become one of that marvelous set of authors who produced the wonderful things we call books.

So, joining her big sister Queen of the Sciences (halfway through year 5!) and the slightly neglected middle-child The Disentanglement Podcast (briefly on hiatus) comes the brand-new podcast Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Stories.

Yes, the name is a bit on the nose. I’m assured by people who understand these things better than I do that straightforwardness is a virtue here. Queen of the Sciences suffers from a discoverability problem because not everyone interested in theology actually thinks to search for podcasts under that medieval moniker (I know, astonishing, right?); and while disentangling is exactly the activity represented in that podcast, we failed to mention what exactly we’re disentangling from (in case you were wondering: all surveilling and extracting cybersystems that are squeezing the air out of culture and personal lives).

So, Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Stories it is!

This one is a weekly. Each Sunday I’ll send out a story, with a little preface from me and what I’ve been working on, or what’s otherwise on my mind. At present I’m podcasting published stories, starting with my first collection, Pearly Gates: Parables from the Final Threshold, but I may in the future introduce new stories on the podcast in advance of publication, or simultaneously. We’ll see how it goes.

Is this for you? Here’s how to tell: this podcast is for people who need good fiction and good theology—at the same time!

If that’s you, please subscribe on the podcast app of your choice… and let me know what you think!