The Palimpsest Guide Series

Along with the newest book in the catalog, Protons and Fleurons, we’re introducing a new kind of offering from Thornbush Press: the Palimpsest Guide series. A palimpsest is a piece of vellum or parchment that’s been used for writing, then erased, effaced, or scratched out and used again for new writing. It reflects a time […]

Introducing Protons and Fleurons

This story collection, Protons and Fleurons: Twenty-Two Elements of Fiction, gestated over a long period of time. “Iron” and “Gold” were the first two stories I drafted, well over a decade ago. At the time I didn’t have any sense that they would be linked by a common theme of an element of the periodic […]

Transgenre Theology

Genre is testimony to the fact that truth is a real thing, external to our minds, but our minds need multiple avenues to access it.

Mystagogical Realism

Mystagogical realism is a potent genre for our late-modern world, disenchanted of mystery and yet more susceptible than ever to secrets.

The New Samizdat

What does censored Soviet-era literature have to do with starting a new independent publishing house? Quite a lot, actually.