The New Samizdat

Independent publishing that opts out of the zero-sum, lowest-common-denominator, polarizing trends of mainstream publishing​

Theological Publishing for a Changing World


Curated Catechesis

  • Books to render the overfamiliar strange and fresh
  • Books to restore the lost art of learning by heart
  • Books to pilot the gospel in the turbulent waters of post-Christendom

Transgenre Theology

  • Books to liberate the wisdom and scholarship trapped in academia
  • Books to translate doctrine into memoir, narrative, and poetry
  • Books to upend shoddy religious charlatanism in the marketplace

Mystagogical Realism

  • Books to reconfigure outworn tropes of faith, religion, and spirituality
  • Books to transcend sterile apologetics and facile rationalism
  • Books to portray real people tangling with the divine mystery